Right now, Morgan has five young ladies that she is discipling. Their names are Andrea, Kelin, Valeria, Corrina and Iris these ladies have made it very clear that they desired to grow more in the Lord, continue to meet with Morgan weekly. Morgan has been discipling these ladies for a while now, and is absolutely loving seeing the Lord grow them into solid women after God's own heart. Discipleship is walking with someone and building them up in Gods truth and loving them where their at. Then someday they will teach somebody else the ways they learned, and that is exactly what is happening! God is using Morgan to grow and prepare these ladies to disciple other ladies, that is how God designed it.
Matthew 28:19
Saturdays of every week Morgan goes to a village called Linaca to lead a group of women in studying God's word. The ladies that desire to grow in God's Word are being challenged weekly to live in Gods Grace, and freedom and also to know God's truth for themselves. The Honduran culture is very legalistic, and Morgan desires to break them free from this lie, and live in God's truth. That is not an easy task seen how most of the people think it's about works, but with God's help all things are possible. Week after week women keep coming back to grow in knowledge of God's word, and please be praying they continue to seek Him more and more weekly in their lives. 


Women in Honduras have life really hard, not only can they not afford a manicure but can not afford their own nail polish. These women cook and clean all day, and are very busy with taking care of children and many other things. Giving a free manicure is a great way to pamper these ladies, allows them time for themselves. The ladies love this time to feel spoiled, and pretty. Morgan truly enjoys providing that and building a stronger relationship with the ladies. But, her main reason for providing manicures are to open doors to build relationships with ladies who have nothing to do with Jesus or the Church, who is going to pass up a free manicure? Its an amazing opportunity for great conversation and show the love of Jesus. 


Morgan Davis


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