Matthew 28:19







When Morgan first started her women's ministry she hosted several different Bible study groups. Through the years she saw little to no maturity through the groups, and noticed majority of the women were attending to either see a "gringa" or thought they'd get something. So, she started doing one on one discipleship with women who truly showed interested in maturing in God's Word and making their own disciples. God has been faithful in leading Morgan to those women!



After Morgan had her second child (Harper), she changed her lifestyle to eating healthy and exercising regularly. Through this life changing journey, she has found a passion for helping the women of Honduras change their lives too. Morgan hosts seminars in different villages educating on nutrition, practical ways to implement it, and on exercise. Several years back Morgan experienced trouble with hormone imbalance, and nutrition and exercise has proven to be a huge help with hormones. She has seen first hand the struggle with hormones the women have in the villages, this is another reason she pursues to help the women in this area of their lives. 





Groups of women like to come down through their church from the United States to bless, encourage, and mature the women of Honduras in their walk with the Lord. Morgan is in charge of planning, orchestrating, and hosting the mission groups that come to serve.

Morgan Davis